About Us

The PixelSmithy is a Chicago based retailer established in 2012. Most of our days are spent drafting new and exciting products, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We are focused on bringing quality jewelry that maintains that hint of what our customers are passionate about, all while being elegant, fashionable, and decorative for anyone. 


That's a good question.

We started this business as a trained jeweler and a trained designer, both with a love of video games and a passion to make stylish, high-quality items that would not only look good, but stay looking good for a long time. Jewelry is some of the most immediate statements we can make in a world full of statement tees and wallets and belts, and we've had the same experiences you have - it's easy to make something cheaply, out of cheap materials, but it won't stay nice for long. If you spend money on it, you want it to look good, and so do we. 

It's a trial and error process, and we're always looking for ways to remain as affordable as possible while still using quality materials, and we don't like to compromise what we believe in. We experiment with new ways to plate so our jewelry keeps its shine longer and doesn't rub off as quickly, and we like to use non-allergic, clean metals like stainless steel wherever possible. Our licensed brands demand it, we demand it, and so do you. What's more, you deserve it. We all like to know what we're buying, and with us, you do: quality metals, quality ideas, and a commitment to make sure you have a good product that will look great for longer than the average cheap copy.

And really, in the end, we get what we pay for.